How to Achieve a Role in Recruitment: Through the Eyes and Experience of Daniel Prutton

by Daniel Prutton

Over the past few months I have achieved the first steps into a long and enjoyable career in recruitment with my new company Executive Network Group. Consequently, I am writing this today to explai…

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The Hamster Wheel of Sales

by The Hamster Wheel of Sales

The Hamster Wheel of Sales – Why do so many people choose this career path? Or is it the case that what ever profession we choose to pursue, you end up stuck in a “Hamster Wheel”?

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5 ways to make sure you don't burn bridges when accepting a counter offer

by Rebecca Brown

So you’ve been having a ‘look around’ at new opportunities, as you were perhaps feeling undervalued or just a little stagnant in your current job. You’ve been fortunate enough to land an offer of empl…

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Could mobile apps be changing the face of sales?

Apps are an everyday part of modern life. From social media, to games, to helping with daily tasks, keeping track of your finances and even organising your documents - mobile applications are somethin…

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