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Recruitment Consultant

Salary: £25000 - £35000 per annum

Location: West Midlands

Job Type: Permanent

Posted: 25/06/2018

Job Ref: 455103271

Recruitment Consultant - Emerging Technologies, Executive Search
Uncapped Commission

You know what's crap? Working your socks off for little to no reward.

Setting the Scene

You've got 3 people at final stage interview. You've worked harder than you could have ever imagined as this placement will ensure you hit bonus. The alleged 'we've had an internal transfer' scenario has just popped up to take a dump all over your day, week, and plans for your summer holiday roaming the canals of Venice with the other half. Your manager is breathing down your neck asking where your revenue is coming from and you've just about had enough of HR with their robot like expression; 'we have a PSL'.

Contingent recruitment can get the better of us sometimes, we've all been there.

'Is there anything better out there?' We ask ourselves.

Well, what if you could work within the Emerging Technologies market where by very nature of the title, these companies are emerging onto the technology landscape of Europe and have not yet been in contact with recruiters like yourself.

You may know nothing about the technology industry but don't worry about that. That can be taught, what can't be taught is your tenacity & drive to succeed.

You'll be trained into an utter market specialist becoming so ingrained within the Technology market, you'll understand where and when these European expansions are happening, before they happen. That will usually come in the form of an American technology start-up that after having taken complete grasp of the US market, have acquired in excess of £100m in funding to expand their global reach into Europe.

In order to do so, they need to set up a commercial function and the first hires they need to make are their senior sales, pre-sales & marketing leaders.

This is where you come in

First of all, you'll need to understand exactly what the clients' needs are to perform your role at the highest level. Therefore, this business drives the need to meet clients and you'll be shipped off to global destinations, all expenses paid. Those may include;

San Francisco

By now, you've taken the brief and gained all the information to deliver on the brief.

These hires are business critical and at the rate the technology is developing, it's imperative that their Sales Directors, Pre-sales, Managing Directors & Chief Revenue Officers are employed before the tech landscape changes. With the value you can add to these technology businesses, negotiations will be a thing of the past. No longer will you be negotiating yourself onto a PSL at 14%.

With an average fee of £25,000 which you'll be taking home a significant chunk of, your trip to Venice is going to be the holiday of a lifetime.

Perhaps we've not provided all the information you need to ensure this role is for you and you want to find out more.

Send your CV, pick up the phone, drop us a message. Whatever works for you.

0121 450 5005

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